Outpost 2 is a futuristic real time strategy game based on a far away planet named New Terra. It includes two single player campaigns and endless multiplayer gameplay. You can choose to play as one of the two colonies, each having their own advantages and disadvantages.

How do I run it?

Simply download the ZIP file, extract it somewhere (your desktop, for instance), and then double click on the file 'Outpost2.exe'.

There are more downloads at the bottom of the page.

Outpost 2 for OSX

Drakmar has put together a MacOS X DMG package for our Mac users. Two versions are available (the full version and the lite version).

For additional details and assistance, see this forum post by the maintainer.

Full Version

The Full package includes all of the in-game music and videos. It's fairly hefty.

Lite Version

The Lite package includes only the essentials.


Multiplayer Matches

A lot of effort has been put into updating Outpost 2 from it's last official release to allow it to work with modern hardware and network technologies. Two add ons, known as NetFix and NetHelper, have been released which make multiplayer match making much easier.

How do I connect with other players?

The easiest way to connect with other players is to join us on IRC. If you don't have an IRC client, you can head to our Webchat interface.

Sunday is our official 'Game Day'. You're much more likely to see active players seeking multiplayer matches on Sunday. You're also likely to see players on Friday evening through Saturday.

Add Ons


NetHelper is an add-on designed to take advantage of modern routers that support uPnP. To sum it up simply, using uPnP, Outpost 2 can automatically set up port forwarding so you don't have to mess around with your router's control panel.

Using NetHelper, you can use the Internet (TCP/IP) option in the Multiplayer menu. Since port forwarding is set up automatically for you, the IP address listed when you create a game will be what your opponents will use to connect to your game.

NetHelper is not fool proof and can be configured. Visit the forum topic for assistance if you run into trouble.

Additional Downloads

All of these are provided as ZIP files so should be easy to extract into your Outpost 2 directory. If you get stuck, check out the Forum or hit us up on Chat and we'll be happy to help you out!

In-Game Videos

This package contains the Outpost 2 in-game videos using a modern encoding format. Simply extract the contents of the archive into your Outpost 2 folder and load up your game.

The videos should work out of the box but if you get any playback errors, downloading and installing FFDShow should solve the issue.

Music (MP3)

This package contains the Outpost 2 soundtrack in MP3 format. This will not run in-game but can be played on all modern platforms and MP3 Players.

Music (CLM)

The CLM package includes the original Outpost 2 sound track in its original format that the game can read. Simply extract the CLM file into your Outpost 2 directory and in-game music will work again.